OnGuard Doberman Key Coil Cable Lock

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This coiled locking cable from OnGuard is a great value for a heavy duty cable! It offers lightweight and quick protection for securing your bike and MotoTote

The ultimate pull resistance of an X2P Power Double Bolt is permanently forged to the 6 foot long (185cm) by 15mm (about 5/8 inch) heavy-duty self-coiling cable. Thick vinyl coating on cable protects paint and finishes. Attached hook-and-loop strap helps wrangle unruly cable coils. All-Tube Twist Lock mounting Bracket included.

Security Rating: 43

Lock Series: Doberman

Technology: X2P

Additional Features: 5 laser cut keys

This cable lock is part of OnGuard's Doberman line of cable locks which offer the following features:

  • Heavy-duty steel cables are self-coiling for convenience.
  • Vinyl coated cables protect paint and finishes.Lock heads are permanently forged to cable ends.
  • Key locks feature X2P Double Bolt lock heads for ultimate pull resistance.
  • Combo locks feature steel ball Click-Combo-Gear System thats user settable with 10,000 possible variations.
  • Attached Velcro straps contain unruly coils during transport.
  • Most models include All-Tube Twist Lock mounting bracket.
  • New Double Rubber Coated lock head covers protect paint and finishes