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Based out of Switzerland, Thule has been a forefront in providing adventure lovers with all the materials they need to fuel their passion for the exploration of the outdoors. Since Thule introduced their first ski rack back in 1962, the company has produced a large range of products, from surfboard (1983) & kayak carriers (2001) to rooftop tents (2014). Thule ensures that all their products are able to withstand any weather or outdoor conditions their customers may encounter, in their very own testing site, by exposing their products to shock and crash tests, water resistance, arctic cold, desert heat, and wind tunnels to tensile. Their test program includes over 25 test standards, making their products some of the best on the market! 

If you are looking to explore the beautiful wilderness in our surrounding areas, whether it be kayaking, biking, skiing, etc. check out our selection of Thule products to get yourself and your gear out there!